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Visible at 6 miles at 3000 Feet!

West Midlands Police Drone Unit Operation   Police Drone View From Above

We had a customer contact us regarding a recent order they made for our Knight Pod Aviation Landing Light in a rechargeable case set of 6 units. 

They commented:-

"Our pilot loves the kit....spots the landing site from 6 miles out even in bad weather"

Now we have had the RAF and Army Air Corp test these to their satisfaction and they have previously mentioned visibility at 2 miles out but 6 miles is a bit of a record, when I commented that must have excellent vision I was quite rightly told:-

"I should think so... he is a bloody pilot!"  LOL

The pilot was flying his helicopter at 3000 feet and this was up in Coldstream so its a quite rural environment, ambient lighting obviously plays a big part and you would not get the same effect in a built up city but its still worthy of a mention and if anyone isn't satisfied with the performance of our lights - send them back in the same condition as we sent them out and we will see to it that you get a refund - how's that sound!

Here's a demo of our Knightpods Mk2 been used by one of customers:

We have just released an enhanced version of the Knight Pod the Mk3 - (the video is of our earlier Mk2 model) This uses a lens over the perimter mounted LEDs which magnifies light output X2 it also has 4 top mounted LED's which increase its visibility dramatically from above. 

Where higher ambient background light is encountered this new model will stand out particularly well especialy when you now have 3 colour selections choose from in the one unit Red/Amber/Blue (control using one Pod to effect all the others or select individually and mix and match colours)  and new sequential light features these are extremely effective. 

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