Red & Green Flashing Traffic Wand with Safety Switch

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Our popular red and green flashing traffic wand that has a pressure sensitive safety switch.

Press once to turn on the traffic baton with its strong red flash, press and keep pressure on the switch to activate the green LED's, as soon as pressure is released the light reverts back to a red flash. .

A simple idea that has originated from the transportation sector where many banksman operatives use the Knightduty traffic wand to guide vehicles into loading bays, construction sites and so forth.

A banksman walking behind or indeed in front of a vehicle in low light working conditions could trip or fall dropping the safety wand, the pressure switch ensures that if dropped the light reverts back to a red flash thus helping instruct the vehicle driver to stop and wait for further instruction.

This is also a far faster way of conveying signals to the observer without cycling through the modes of operation you just press and hold the green function button for a green light and release it if you want a red light, press it again for the green function and so on. 

We have even added a handy nose cone torch light function for good measure.


Last update: Jul 20, 2021


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