Green Paramedics PPE Light Kit

Green Paramedics PPE Light Kit
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4 bright LED’s, storage pouch, belt and belt clip, magnetic fixing and suction cup mounting are included with this versatile paramedics green safety light.

With a single double pulse flash setting the triangular design has greater light dispertion properties than most designs making the unit highly visible from long distance and from different angles. Its accessories provide it with a stand alone capability and it can be used to identify command and control centres/vehicles, medical evacuation points and emergency medical treatment posts.

Utilising 2 x AA batteries the light is highly efficient and economical to use with approximately 12 hours* of continous light output from its 4 LEDs (*subject to battery quality)

3cm's deep and 8cms at its widest point the KB02 offers a good compromise between portability and visibility, the triangular design of the green lens covering disipates the light making it more visible than most counterparts that often emit light in just a forward direction.

The magnetic and suction cup fixings allow the KB02 to be used as a highly effective emergency beacon on vehicle panels or windows and they can also be deployed on  road warning signs utilising the magnetic fixing to clamp the light to a sign.

An optional additional magnet is available which provides a strong 'adhesive' effect when attaching the KB02-Green to denser materials. The magnetic attraction between the two magnets provides a secure fixing which will withstand adverse weather or the passage of high speed traffic and provides you with a useful warning beacon that can be mounted warning signs.

With a weighted magnetic disc the light is also useful for air ambulance landings, paramedics can deploy a number of lights to designate a safe landing zone for helicopter landings.

First responders use the green flashing lights to mark the location of an incident making it easier for following emergency services to locate the incident/casualty. The magnetic and suction cup fittings make it easy to attach to gate posts, signs, vehicles etc...


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