GreenTraffic Baton

GreenTraffic Baton
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Green Traffic Wand with 3 modes of operation with single button operation.


      Press 1 Green flash,

      Press 2 Green constant

      Press 3 Torch -White nose cone torch

A comfortable handhold design with magnetic base, belt clip & wrist lanyard, made of resilient ABS handle and polycarbonate translucent light sleeve.

19 LED’s make this a superbly effective, compact and highly visible traffic baton, not to be confused with cheaper models using fewer LED’s.  The magnetic base enables it to be mounted to stationary metallic objects/vehicles and an optional tripod provides it with a useful stand alone capability where the wand can be used to identify safe routes of passage etc.

Less than 27 cm’s long (10cm handle and 16cm light sleeve) the traffic baton is highly portable, lightweight and can be stowed easily.

Fully sealed the traffic wand will withstand total immersion and so is suited also to mairtime operations.

When compared to torches that have 'push on' light sleeves the light output is far greater and of course you do not have to carry a seperate piece of kit that can become detached.

The magnetic base is powerful enough to deploy the baton on vertical metallic surfaces whilst the optional tripod raises the baton 20cm’s from ground level and enables it to be deployed on any surface as a useful hazard or demarcation road warning light.

The tripod made of yellow plastic collapses flat to stow easily and is designed to shatter harmlessly if impacted by a vehicle. When collapsed it will fit inside of a traffic cone and then it can be used to mount a baton securely on top of a cone.

Applications are many and varied but include crowd and traffic control on roads, car parks,  exhibitions, concerts and football grounds and by banksmen as a banksmen light and torch. They are also widely used as emergency evacuation lights by marshals who have the task of evacuating underground tube stations, airports and buildings in the event of an emergency with a 'follow the green light to safety' approach.

The aviation sector also use green wands as landing indicators, the highly visible 360 degree light output and prolonged endurance from a set of batteries means that the wand can be switched on many hours in advance of an anticipated landing or return of a helicopter during twilight or the hours of darkness but note that the light should be firmly secured in such deployments due to its lightweight it can be moved by jet or rotor wash.

To download and print a Technical Specification Sheet click on this link:-


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