MK3 Knight HeliPod LED Hazard Lights

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Case set of 6 Knight Pod  Mk3 LED warning lights.

This is the latest evolution of the Knight Pod incorporating many new features and even greater versatility in an even more compact design than previous incarnations. 

Key features:-

  • NEW - Incorporating 4 top mounted LED’s for improved aerial visibility
  • NEW - Magnification lens - each LED magnified for superior visibility around circumference
  • NEW -Multiple coloured LED’s per Pod – you can switch between Red, Blue and Amber options
  • NEW - Master colour switch – change the colour option on one unit to effect a change on all other units
  • NEW- Multiple Light Patterns – change the light pattern to suit operational requirement
  • NEW -Extremely effective sequential patterns (one unit, flashes in turn after another in a chase/cascade light pattern)
  • NEW -Master light pattern switch – change the light pattern on one unit to affect the pattern on all other units
  • NEW- Master Off switch – depress and hold the power off button on one unit to power off all units
  • NEW - Independent mode – switch units on individually (after powering off) and set colour option and pattern as desired – gives operators the ability to define highly identifiable flash patterns
  • NEW- High viz case
  • NEW- Quicker deployment with no case lid – Pods are secured in place by their own magnet
  • NEW - Pods auto shut down when placed in case
  • NEW- Pods auto activate with last pattern used when removed from case
  • In case charging
  • Mains, in-vehicle and NEW USB charger supplied
  • Magnet in base
  • Fixing hoops around circumference
  • IMPROVED - Case Dimensions 28x36x10cm
  • IMPROVED -Case Weight 2.89kgs


A powerful magnet and optional traffic cone accessories enable it to be mounted on metallic surfaces and on top of traffic cones. Still highly robust it is crush resistant and will withstand being driven over by a typical family sized vehicle.

Supplied in a carry case with in car charger, USB and a UK mains adapter, these lights can be deployed in seconds in a variety of situations, the lights becoming immediately active as soon as they are taken out of the case, retaining the settings of when they wee last deployed. The case doubles as a single point of recharging for all six hazard lights and we have done away with a case lid utilising the properties of the strong magnet to keep the Pods secured in place until needed. Inteligent switching activates and deactivates the Pod as and when it it taken out of the case and put back into it.  These improvements save operators valuable time and improve efficiency drastically.

Knight Pod's are waterproof and have a low profile, their shape means that they always exhibit a light source and cannot get knocked over. Their light weight and cushioned outer casing also means that they are less likely to cause damage if hit by traffic at high speed.

With such a small physical 'foot print' these hazard lights store easily when compared to alternatives and their robustness makes them economically very attractive when compared to traditional road warning beacons.

Knight Pods can be placed on top of traffic cones using our cone adapter, this provides a simple, fast and effective way of  raising the Knight Pod above ground level  making them even more visible. The adapter drops over any size of traffic cone and utilises the magnet on the base of the Knight Pod to securely position the Pod on top of the cone.

A Knight Pod has a recharge time of 2-3 hours and uses a rechargeable lithium CR123 battery, in its case set the whole package weighs just 2.9kgs.

The Knight Pod can be seen at distances in excess of 2000 feet during the hours of darkness (subject to ambient lighting conditions) earlier versions are in use with the RAF and Army Air Corp as welll as the Air Ambulance Services such is their versatility.

Knight Pod's have  many uses- police, fire and rescue, vehicle recovery and breakdown assistance companies, marine safety crews, highways agency and road crews, local councils and utility companies and specialist transportation companies needing to provide illumination on large loads without wiring.



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