KnightPod Mag Cone Fixing

KnightPod Mag Cone Fixing
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The Knight Pod traffic cone mounting allows you to attach your KnightPod LED Hazard Lights securely on top of traffic cones via the light units strong magnetic underside.

Current guidance states that blue hazard lights need to be mounted above the road surface and this provides a simple, highly robust solution to this issue.

They weigh just 50g each and stack inide each other so present no real storage or transportation concern 6 units weighing in at just 300g with a combined length when stacked of 24cm

Made of soft but durable plastic with a recessed steel assembly providing the fixing point for the LED hazard lights magnet, there are no sharp edges or protruding metallic parts that could present a risk if the mounting becomes detached and bounces around a carriageway (unlike some attachments we have seen available that are manufactured from steel).

The cone adapter drops over the majority of traffic cones, its purposefully yellow so that the operator can spot it in situ after a deployment which helps reduce loss and it does not impede the performance of the reflective banding on majority of cones,  covering only 12cm of the top of a traffic cone at the most

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