Red & Green Traffic Baton (3 mode)

Red & Green Traffic Baton (3 mode)
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Red/Green 3 mode traffic wand for stop/go traffic indication. This unit has a single button operation and has the following sequence:-

Press 1. Solid Red

Press 2. Red Flash

Press 3. Solid Green

Press 4. Off

This traffic control baton is 30cm in length benefiting from solid and flashing light patterns to attract the attention of observers more readily than a light with no flash facility.

The extra length of this traffic control wand allows the operator to provide better directional instructions over a greater distance (with shorter wands its more difficult to relay directions as the light is often seen as a 'blob' of light).

Wrist lanyard, belt clip and a magnetic base allow easy handling, the wand is made from a durable ABS handle with  polycarbonate light sleeve. 

An optional tripod allows the traffic baton to be deployed as an alternative to traffic cones with the added advantages of :-

  • Its illuminated
  • Has both red and green functions
  • Weighs virtually nothing in comparison to a traffic cone
  • superbly compact compared to a traffic cone

We do however recommend using these as an alternative to traffic cones only where the flow of traffic is slow to moderate, the units lightweight makes it unsuited to be placed next to fast moving traffic as air displacement can move them.

Unit requires 3 x AA cell batteries (Not included as standard)

Having a red flash as well as a solid red and solid green light output provides additional signalling capability, the flash pattern also reducing the load on the batteries which provides them with prolonged life between charges or replacement.

The baton has a clear polycarbonate sleeve with internal red and green LED’s which are operated via a single button which also  doubles as the on/off switch. The baton is weather resistant and will operate in severe and adverse weather conditions being gasket sealed to resist  water ingress.


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