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LED safety lights for traffic control and construction site safety or any place where large volumes of traffic road or aviation need to be signalled

Posted by in on Jan 26, 2022 .

Police Drone Op Footage   Police Drone Op Footage 2

We noticed Police drone operators conducting an operation in a quiet residential side street and lent them an evaluation set of our latest Knight Pod light so that they could place an illuminated cordon around their area of operation. 

As well as helping provide a visual warning around the landing zone, the Knight Pods also gave the operator a visual point of reference from the drone's perspective, as it can be difficult to distinguish one road from another in the hours of darkness when flying the drone manually back to base (so the officer told us).

A quiet cul-de-sac ...

Posted by in on Oct 15, 2021 .

Our latest traffic wand design introduces a two button operation so that traffic marshalls (often reffered to as banksmen in the trade) can continually cycle through red and green signalling modes using the unique pressure switch which has to be pressed and held to operate the green lighting mode.once the traffic wand has been turned on.

The concept is simple and is similar to safety devices used in industry and transport  where a user has to exert continuous  pressure for the green light function to operate. If the user releases pressure the traffic wand reverts back to a red light mode giving a STOP. indicator.

This makes...

Posted by in on Sep 29, 2020 .

With the dark nights now with us we are promoting safety and our LED armbands are on offer whilst stocks last at a much reduced price of £2.99 per pair!

Velcro fitting and adjustable they are wide enough to fit around bulky clothing such as hi-viz jackets and can be positioned on the arms or the legs

These are ideal for workers, recreational joggers, runners, cyclists and horse riders as well as for commercial and professional applications such as refuse collection personel, banksman, construction workers and construction crew, surveyors, aviation marshals, security personnel etc.

They are priced to sell and are the most...

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Visible at 6 miles at 3000 Feet!

West Midlands Police Drone Unit Operation   Police Drone View From Above

We had a customer contact us regarding a recent order they made for our Knight Pod Aviation Landing Light in a rechargeable case set of 6 units. 

They commented:-

"Our pilot loves the kit....spots the landing site from 6 miles out even in bad weather"

Now we have had the RAF and Army Air Corp test these to their satisfaction and they have previously mentioned visibility at 2 miles out but 6 miles is a bit of a record, when I commented that must have excellent vision I was quite rightly told:-

"I should think...

Posted by in on Jun 03, 2013 .

Most traffic wands are used as a hand held visual signalling torch but with the compact traffic wand and a few Klickfast fittings you have a wand that is small enough to attach and wear on the person.

Extremely bright these wands can be worn and quickly detached whenever they are needed, wearing them not only gives you the opportunity of illuminating the user but also keeps them close to hand as its surprising how many users put down a wand and forget where they left it.

Posted by in on Sep 29, 2020 .

Our popular red and green flashing traffic wand that has a pressure sensitive safety switch.

Press once to turn on the traffic baton with its strong red flash, press and keep pressure on the switch to activate the green LED's, as soon as pressure is released the light reverts back to a red flash. .

A simple idea that has originated from the transportation sector where many banksman operatives use the Knightduty traffic wand to guide vehicles into loading bays, construction sites and so forth.

A banksman walking behind or indeed in front of a vehicle in low light working conditions could trip or fall dropping the safety...