Red Traffic Baton

Red Traffic Baton
Red Traffic Baton
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3 Modes

  1. Mode 1 - Red flash
  2. Mode 2 - Red constant
  3. Mode 3 - LED torch in the nose cone

A super bright compact & lightweight traffic baton, effective at distances greater than 200 mts.

With a comfortable handhold design, magnetic base, belt clip & wrist lanyard and capable of over 30 hours use with using 3 X AA quality batteries (not supplied as standard) this is one of our most popular traffic batons used extensively by traffic marshalls, stewards at large gatherings or events, airports etc.

We use 19 LED’s in each traffic wand for the brightest possible output, not to be confused with cheaper models using fewer LED’s. 

It has a magnetic base enabling it to be mounted to stationary metallic objects/vehicles and a useful white LED torch function. It can aslo be deployed in our optional traffic wand tripod so the light can operate similarly to a traffic cone but without the bulk and weight of a cone but with a bright light so its an ideal alternative for use in exhibition grounds. A case set of 4 wands and 4 tripods take up about a thrd of the space of a typical traffic cone and you get four lights as against one traffic cone for approximately a 1/3 of the weight too.

Less than 26 cm’s long the traffic baton is highly portable, lightweight and can be stowed easily.

Fully sealed, the  traffic wand offers superior performance in adverse weather conditions and can be deployed in maritime conditions.

A durable all in one ABS handle and polycrbonate light sleeve make for a robust light wand not to be confused with products that simply clip over standard torches which can be prone to becoming dislodged and lost. 

The magnetic base is powerful enough to deploy the baton on vertical metallic surfaces whilst the optional tripod raises the baton 20cm’s and enables it to be deployed on the ground as a useful hazard or demarcation road warning light.

The tripod made of yellow plastic collapses flat to stow easily and is designed to shatter harmlessly if impacted by a vehicle. When collapsed it will fit inside of a traffic cone and then it can be used to mount a baton securely on top of a cone.

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